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Indigenous Healing & Wellness Solutions

604 781 6251

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Tracy Leach is an Interior Salish First Nations and a member of the St'at'imc Nation.

Trained in Indigenous psychotherapy and body/mind psychotherapies, She is skilled at meeting the individual needs of all kinds of organizations. 

She is a Workshop Facilitator and a Consultant in: Life skills, Communication and Trauma related Healing. She has an Indigenous Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness.

Tracy was part of the team of Instructors & Coaches in the

Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma Certificate Program

at the Justice Institute of BC.

As a Registered Professional Counsellor,

a Certified Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Practitioner and a Registered Massage Therapist, She has worked in the Body-Centered Healing field for the past 30 years.

Tracy has personally experienced abuse and intergenerational trauma.

She is a perfect example of successful healing, personal empowerment and is

determined to help stop the cycles of trauma.